The abundance of data is fundamentally changing the way the Federal government operates which makes the role of the analyst increasingly critical for organizational success. Managers and employees at all levels are expected to think critically and analyze data to make fact-based decision making. Management Concepts helps you transform data into actionable insights that are embraced by decision makers with our Analytics Courses and Analytics Certificate Program.

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In an ever increasing, data-driven world, transforming data into actionable insights are vital to the success of a leader and their organization. Developing core analytical skills are an effective and necessary tool, embraced by decision makers and organizational leaders alike. Management Concepts offerings offer the full spectrum of data analytics.

Course Name Course # Duration Tuition  
Analytics Boot Camp 4650 5 days $1609 Learn More
Analytics Capstone 4625 5 days $1829 Learn More
Budget Estimating Using Microsoft Excel 5155 3 days $819 Learn More
Cost-Benefit Analysis Using Microsoft Excel 5405 3 days $819 Learn More
Data Analysis and Modeling Techniques 4615 4 days $1529 Learn More
Data Analysis for Financial Managers Using Microsoft Excel 5318 4 days $999 Learn More
Data Collection Techniques 4610 4 days $1529 Learn More
Data Visualization 4606 2 days $789 Learn More
Evaluating and Presenting Analysis Results 4665 3 days $1189 Learn More
Introduction to Analytics 4601 3 days $979 Learn More
Program and Budget Analysis Using Microsoft Excel 5182 4 days $999 Learn More
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